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Family Law

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Clients with family law issues need an attorney who will listen and then provide sound legal advice and effective legal assistance. The attorneys at Black, Noland and Read are experienced with the many options which might be available to clients in addressing family law issues. This may include  drafting agreements, court appearances, participating in mediations or  handling  collaborative negotiations. Our attorneys have the experience to provide the type of assistance which best fits the need of each client and the client's situation.

Our firm assists clients in addressing the multitude of legal and financial issues which arise in a divorce. Our attorneys can help clients identify the assets and debts which need to be divided in a divorce and then assist in establishing a plan for the division of the assets and debts, whether through court proceedings or in negotiations, mediations or collaborative meetings. Our attorneys can also assist clients in establishing appropriate support payments through the courts or otherwise.  

Child Custody/Visitation
A major issue for many clients is the custody and visitation arrangements for their children. Our attorneys have extensive experience in helping clients address these issues. This assistance can include representation in court proceedings. It can also include assistance with mediations and collaborative meetings.Our attorneys are also familiar with related services available in the community and can provide help in identifying appropriate referrals.

Our firm helps clients with both child support and spousal support issues, either as the party paying or receiving support. Our attorneys have extensive experience with these types of issues. They regularly appear in court and they provide advice for clients who are attending mediation or participating in collaborative negotiations.

Our attorneys represent clients in all forms of adoptions, including private placement adoptions and step-parent adoptions

Premarital Agreements
Clients entering marriage may wish to formalize certain understandings regarding ownership of assets and future financial obligations. Our attorneys can assist clients with drafting premarital agreements which provide the framework for such understandings.