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Fee Arrangements

Black, Noland & Read, P.L.C., utilizes a variety of fee arrangements, depending upon the type of work being done, including:

  • Hourly fees. In most cases the fee will be based upon the amount of time the attorney puts in and the attorneys hourly rate.  In many cases the attorney will require an advance fee, which is a sum the client must pay up front before the representation begins. The attorney will then deduct their monthly bill from that advance fee.
  • Flat fees. In some cases, a flat fee must be charged.  In these case, the attorney will quote the client a specific fee for the completion of a specific task, regardless of the amount of time it takes. Usually, this fee must be paid up front.
  • Contingency fees. In some cases, such as personal injury claims, the fee will be based on a percentage of the amount eventually recovered on your behalf.  Even in contingency cases, the client is still responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses the attorney has, regardless of the outcome.

The type of fee that will apply to your case will be explained to you at the beginning of the representation.  Very often, the attorney will require you to sign a written representation agreement, which will clearly establish the fee arrangement that will be used in your case.

            Billing.  We send out bills on a monthly basis. Prompt payment is expected, and interest may be charged on past due amounts.

            Initial consultations.  In most cases, we will charge a fee, which must be paid up-front, for initial consultations. You will be informed at the time you make your appointment whether there will be a fee for your initial consultation.